What is off-page SEO

What is off-page SEO?


What is off-page SEO?

In the last article, we talked about on-page SEO but what is Off-page SEO, even though a very broad topic could be summed up as obtaining links from outside sources or sites, as well as generating social signals. It refers to all the possible measures that can be undertaken outside of the website to improve its online visibility and search rankings.

What are the factors of off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO involves the improvement of the perception such as authority, relevance, visibility, trustworthiness, and popularity of a given website by both users and search engines. A link is an “upvote” for the quality of your content, as long as the link source itself is of good quality.

However, any off-page campaign will not be successful as long as your on-page activities and content aren’t up to search engine standards by its structure, quality, loading time, and other factors. For most, it could seem extremely simple as the action of “obtaining links” sounds fairly straight forward. However, most small company owners do not have a full understanding of how complicated a backlink campaign truly is and all the factors you need to have a look at to strategize and obtain the right kind of links.

Terms such as backlink anchor, anchor ratio which includes branded domain keyword, naked URL and others anchor texts, link velocity, link placement, link diversity, link & niche relevance, trust flow, domain and page authority score, as well as no follow/follow ratio are common metrics to understand and consider when strategizing around a backlinking campaign.

There are also many different types of links and the right timing of creating certain types of backlinks. Your overall profile should have a mix or ratio of different types of links to appear natural. For instance, if you are just getting started with your local SEO, you should aim at obtaining links from local sources, business directory listings, and most importantly social signals.

When you have obtained such links, you can start considering links from high authority sources such as press releases, guest posts through outreaching, article publishing sites, Q&A sites such as Quora, Reddit as well as possible benefit from techniques such as “broken links”, “infographic submission”, “forum comments” and many more!

What is important in off-page SEO?

Again, the quality of the source will always be more important than the number of sources. Backlinking is all about obtaining an authoritative naturally looking profile. You could also consider paid links from high authority sources but you need to be extremely careful about those as it could get you penalized. As not every link is equal and has the same impact in Google’s eyes, it is extremely important to know how to build links as if it was naturally obtained links.

Backlinks penalize

Google defines any link manually created as against the guidelines. It is then becoming obvious than a backlink campaign should aim at creating a natural-looking backlink profile. Creating too many links or from the wrong sources could get your site penalized and completely removed from a search engine index. This is why it is extremely important to know what you’re doing when structuring your off-page strategy. If you are outsourcing it, you should know that there is a price for a successful campaign. If an agency is doing SEO activities for you, you’re also in the right to ask for the links created and what the strategy is and monitor the quality of those.

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