What is domain authority

What is domain authority or DA?


What is domain authority?

In this article, we are going to write about DA in SEO which is short for Domain Authority.
Once you start learning about SEO and link building you may encounter or have encountered this term Domain Authority or DA now DA is a search engine ranking score that was developed by software company MOZ to predict how likely a website is to appear in the search results, it’s essentially ranking how powerful website is.
DA goes on a scale from 1 to 100 which means that a website with a DA 10 is gonna have less authority than a website of DA 100.
Keep in mind that this is a logarithmic scale meaning that it’s a lot easier to go from a DA 10 site to DA 20 site than it is to go from a DA 40 site to DA 50 site that’s gonna be bigger jump links from any DA site will help you rank regardless of that site’s domain authority that being said a link from a higher DA site is most likely going to help you more than a link from a lower DA site.
These are sites like Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, or any website that has a high score contrast this with maybe smaller blogs or smaller websites that are generally going to have lower score, and those links still help you but possibly not as much as others.

We hope now you know the answer to what is domain authority.

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