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Google Ads For Car Dealers, How Much To Invest?


In this post, we are going to answer a question regarding google ads for car dealers.

A super cool question that a car dealer asked. The guy in question owns an eight-store dealer group, and he wanted to know how much they should invest per store, right. In total, they are spending over 1 million dollars on Google ads every year, through the whole group, and they wanted to know what’s the magical number if you will.

Some of them are using a $2,000 monthly budget, and some others are going for $10,000 or even more. My answer is that you should be investing in Google as much as your target market will let you. So, first of all, you need to focus first on your PMA and your network’s primary geography. You have target geo given by your OEM, and you should be exploiting that to the max.

To gain market share in your area and not lose market share in your area and this will be different for every make, every region as well, so the same group is pretty much in the same town. Every brand will be different because the consumer demand or the search queries will differ from an Acura store to a GM store. Much more people are looking for GMs than Acura.

It’s just how it is, though overall market share we all know about right so To find a perfect magic number if you will for your store in your area you should always try to see what’s your impression share, I would say. It’s a good indicator of how much you are covering. It’s not a perfect metric, so don’t take my word for it, but it’s one of the most significant ways to understand how much you should be putting out in Google Ads for your dealership at that time. Also, the budget will fluctuate over time as search queries will change over time as well year-over-year.

We hope we answered this question regarding google ads for car dealers, lets know your opinion in the comment section and also check out our other blog posts.

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